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“We spent about $20k annually on Adwords but constantly saw a low ROI. Phoenix IM came in and turned this around quickly. But even so, they are still testing and refining. They listened to my concerns about cost and ROI and did what I thought was impossible.”

“The redesign of our site and brand now matches our abilities and makes us look like we are, professional.”

“A bunch of Rock Stars!”

“Their creativity, artistic acumen and can do attitude (never shying away from challenging deadlines) were invaluable, a tremendous contribution to our success and longevity.”

“Throughout the history of the program, Phoenix IM was instrumental in our success!”

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“Had a computer at one of our offices infected with a virus that was sending out random emails. This sent a red-flag to Phoenix IM since this could get our site blacklisted. Phoenix IM tracked down the IP of the offending computer and notified our IT company who cleaned the computer and added anti-virus protection.”

“Increased our Intake generation tenfold!”

“The redesign of our website looks fantastic and it now accomplishes what we need!”

“Without hesitation, would strongly recommend contacting Phoenix IM for all your internet needs!”

“We had a situation regarding our payment processing for e-commerce and could not get everything to integrate due to multiple systems that could not interconnect. After 3 weeks of multiple programming/IT department conferences Robert came in and solved the issue in two hours by using UX/UI Design that worked flawlessly. I was definitely impressed!”

“The work performed on our JBL website was unbelievable! Three weeks after going live we saw literally a vertical increase in our visitor graphs. Impressive!”