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Outreach Marketing Advertising | Agency Company Services Social Media


We know the tactics for successful outreach marketing strategies

Struggling to find ways to more effectively or authentically market to your consumers? We know the tactics for successful outreach marketing strategies.

We’ve broken our outreach marketing down to 12 strategies for a year of incredible outreach marketing!

1. Experiment with Verticals
Team up with a few social influencers or bloggers in a vertical you’ve never marketed in and see if you can place your brand or your client’s brand in front of new consumers. Track engagement and brand lift to see if this vertical is one that you should scale up a bit.

2. Organize an Influencer Event
Try an influencer event. Pick a strategic location and plan an event that would appeal to influencers you would like to work with. You can start small by doing something like inviting local influencers to your retail location or you can go all out and plan out an entire weekend that includes your brand but highlights your influencers and their interests.

3. Write About a Time You Weren’t Your Best
Write a blog post about a time when you or your brand wasn’t at your best. Authenticity is sexy. When consumers can see your brand as human instead of a mere digital presence, they can connect and relate. This means you don’t always have to be perfect, you just have to be truthful and real. Own mistakes. Talk about a time your brand made a decision that you learned from. If you can use this as a lesson for others—a strong connection can certainly develop.

4. Stop Campaigning
Implement a network focus instead of campaigning. Develop a strategy that can harness more than one digital shout out. Find a way to work with social influencers on an ongoing basis. Whether it’s once a month or once a week for three months—try working with less influencers and compensate them for multiple posts. The theory behind this strategy is that ongoing mentions are more trusted and thus more effective because a network trusts a brand mention when it occurs more than once.

5. Send Just Because Gifts
Send “just because” gifts to your top influencers. Have passionate advocates or influencers in your network that have given your brand some fantastic word of mouth recommendations? Make a list of the top ten and send them “just because” gifts. Whether it’s something from your brand or something that is personalized to their liking—this will show your appreciation for their advocacy and keep your brand on the brain. Great way to foster strong marketing relationships.

6. Make an Opt-In Friendly Plan
Create an opt-in network. Many marketers have told me how surprised they are at how many influencers reach out to them to work with their brand. Create a game plan and an online sign-up form for people who like your brand to opt-in to being a partner.

7. Create a Resource Series
Instead of thinking how you need influencers to help your brand think about a resource you could create to help them. Whether it’s a how to guide, a series of tips, an instructional video, etc. just think about a pain point a lot of your consumers face and set out to create a way to solve that pain point.

8. Have Fun and Show it
Highlight the personality of your brand. Whether it’s a surge in the company happy hours you share on Instagram, a post on the founder of your company or a Facebook post once a week on something quirky going on in your office—be mindful of sharing not only your brand with your network but also your personality.

9. Eat Your Own Dog Food
Highlight and share how you and your coworkers use and interact with your own brand. If you offer a service—implement it in to your life. If you sell an item talk about your personal likes (and even dislikes) about certain products. Show off how you specifically use the brand that you are trying to convince other people to use. Stand behind your brand in order to stand behind your marketing.

10. Bring Your Co-workers Cookies
Once a quarter I ask my company to share a marketing project of mine on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and in their email signature. In order to make sure they are willing when I call in favors to highjack their social reach, I first make sure I’m likable by my coworkers. The easiest way to do that is to bring in homemade cookies on a regular basis. Don’t forget your co-workers are a great way to share fun info about your company—just don’t overdo it!

11. Get New Quotes and Stories
Gather happy customer quotes for marketing material. Email your happiest clients and ask them for a quote on something they love about your brand or one of your products. Use these quotes in all of your marketing material. Creatively display them on your homepage, create a PDF with quotes paired with logos or headshots, tweet them or even curate them for a SlideShare presentation. Spin it as showing how people are interacting with and using your brand, don’t just say “here is what people are saying about us.”

12. Ask How Your Network Wants to be Marketed With
Ask your network how they want to work with you. Send out an email to your network—consumers, fans, social following, etc. and ask them how they want to work with you. This will show you exactly how your current network and your future customers want to be marketed WITH instead of being marketed AT.

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