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Mobile. When we think of mobile we think of our phones. Google seems to be focusing more and more on mobile especially when it comes to indexing your digital presence. But for a lot of companies, their presence may still be higher on “desktop” than mobile. For a large majority of companies with certain products or services, you may notice a 60% to 40% slant of users utilizing desktop more than mobile. Or maybe you have been more focused on desktop and haven’t focused much attention on mobile. We see these issues all the time and understand, you need the best of both worlds. You need to still cater to your majority, but you also need to pay attention to your minority. Plus, with phones getting larger and larger, your minority may be your majority soon.

We understand all of this and our in-depth knowledge can help you leverage both worlds. From streamlining your desktop presence to run cleaner and faster, and then taking it further on the mobile side by focusing on clean movement and fast loading pages, you will reap the benefits of both worlds. So when Google uses mobile indexing on your site, you will reap all the benefits

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Phoenix DS is a small, boutique agency that utilizes a staff of technical and artistic professionals from around the world to breathe new life into your digital media. For over a decade we’ve been helping start-ups, small businesses, medium-sized enterprises, and large Fortune 500 companies worldwide with digital marketing including JBL, Nikon, Harman/Kardon, DoubleDay, Trek, Trek Factory Team, and Paramount among others. We capitalize on our strong PPC, SEO, Digital Marketing and Design backgrounds to help our clients build powerful, reliable marketing plans and strategies, rank at the top of page one, and generate more leads to make your business run at its best. Phoenix DS serves the product, service, e-commerce, manufacturing, retail, in a wide range of fields. Contact us today to start increasing conversions, leads, revenue, and ROI.