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We are a leading Content Marketing Generation company that can grow and expand your business through content

Educating others through content has a profound emotional effect on readers. You educate visitors in regards to your products or services. You educate visitors to why your services or products is what the visitors needs and wants. You educate these visitors through the content you create and that content builds trust. In the business world–trust is currency–brands can harness their content as a powerful sales force. This is exactly what’s pushed more companies to let their guard down and start educating and engaging readers through the power of content marketing. In the race to ramp up content production, we have the experience, the resources and the talent necessary to capture your companies story. We are content marketing generators that help brands educate their audiences and earn their trust. But we are also a leading SEO company and we know how to structure that content so that it not only builds trust but also ranks well. We like to say, content is King, but SEO is the Ace.

Content Generation and SEO Optimization

We don’t only offer content generation, we combine it with our world-class SEO strategies and knowledge. What is the point in this day and age of creating content that is well written and a great piece of content if no one will ever find it or read it? We have a pool of industry-vetted writers, that we can count on to create content to meet any business’s or industry’s specific needs. But not only do we create the content we have our world-class SEO experts craft it to a finely created piece of content with amazing ranking ability. At Phoenix IM, we believe content is king, but SEO is the ace.

Phoenix IM also specializes in knowledge extraction and knowledge management to fuel content marketing and executive branding objectives. We are a cutting edge provider of thought leadership content to media outlets and online publications. Our vision is to empower brands and thought leaders to control their own message, a futuristic and refreshing twist on PR. As a proponent of thought leadership and inbound marketing, we are rapidly helping companies from all industries tell their story correctly.

One of the biggest challenges in content marketing is churning out consistent content. Creating high-quality content can be expensive and time-consuming; done hastily, it can result in deceptive clickbait. Nothing kills a piece of content that reads horribly, has misspellings or doesn’t help the reader understand what they are reading. With our industry vetted writers we can easily create, distribute, track content, and get your content ranking well, help other pages in your digital media environment, and work together with other content to create a wide digital content net.

Brand storytelling. Your brands life in words

As brand storytelling becomes a necessity, not a luxury, Phoenix IM has set out to help companies tell their story better than their competitors. If you don’t create a brand story that resonates with visitors, that clearly explains what you do as clear and simple as possible, or doesn’t create brand confidence you will surely not see the ROI you are expecting.

Expertise. Authority. Trust. EAT

Google uses a Quality Rater Guideline that is used by humans to assign quality scores to the search results of specified queries. Google says these scores are not used to directly impact search results. But they are used in developing and honing the Google algorithm. In other words, pages that receive high-quality ratings from raters applying these guidelines are the types of pages Google wants to rank well.

Google’s YMYL – Your Money Or Your Life Pages

YMYL stands for “Your Money or Your Life” pages and are comprised of pages that are important enough that, were they low-quality, they could have a potential negative impact on a person’s life, income, or happiness. As a general rule, the pages that Google requires to be written by experts are known as YMYL pages. These are pages that need accreditation from people who have the accredited skills to make these judgments.

Content is King, but SEO is the Ace

Yes, we can’t say it enough that no matter what you write or how well you write it, the chances of it ranking well if it is on a poor performing site or isn’t set up correctly for SEO, is very low. Understand your competitors, especially if they are big competitors with deep pockets, has already enlisted experts in SEO and SEM to make their sites rank well. So even if their content isn’t as exceptional as yours, they will rank better than you. We see this day in and day out. But we have also seen once a correct SEO structure and strategy is implemented, great results happen fast.

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Phoenix has been serving start-ups, small businesses and large Fortune 500 companies worldwide including JBL, Nikon, Harman/Kardon, DoubleDay, Trek, Trek Factory Team, and Paramount among others. We capitalize on our strong PPC, SEO, Digital MArketing backgrounds to help our clients build powerful, reliable marketing plans and strategies, rank at the top of page one, and generate more leads to make your business run at its best. Phoenix serves the product, service, e-commerce, manufacturing, retail, in a wide range of fields. Contact us today to start increasing conversions, leads, revenue and ROI.