Lessons learned & key insights for SEO  after 3 months of the pandemic.

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SEO Lessons

Lessons learned & key insights for SEO  after 3 months of the pandemic.

It’s been 3 months since the way everyone works changed.

At Phoenix IM we help businesses acquire, manage, and retain more clients through smart digital marketing. That’s why, in March, when the crisis started, we asked ourselves what we can do to understand the shifts, adapt to the new context fast, and focus on developing SEO protocols and content to support clients to better navigate these times.

So we started asking our clients questions about the state of their business, and what their problems and strategies were, in order to support them in their struggles.

This is what we learned:

  • More communication and more feedback. Rehashing client communication processes had its perks since day 1 of the pandemic. Daily check-ins and proactive video calls worked to get all the business messages across and have everyone aligned while making business decisions almost overnight.
  • Stay closely connected to clients and the health of their business. Having real-time data in an SEO agency KPIs dashboard to intervene fast on campaigns, conversions, etc. and cater to the short-term business needs and more stability for the client.
  • Identify strategic problems and solve them. Understanding search trends and how demand shifted was vital for clients. It still is. It’s an ongoing process of deep-diving into data while providing more value highlights: supporting businesses be digital-first, pivot their products and services, and discover new market segments.
  • Turned to a more consultative role: acting as an advisor, answering all concerns, and identifying the proper fast tactics for the client’s business and industry. But what is SEO 2.0 in a post-pandemic world? It’s possibly a mix of these elements: the relevant insights to be a management consultant partner, the agility to create new processes and the empathy to generate new business in a consistent manner for the current context
  • Show the value of SEO performance as reporting becomes even more relevant. Explain what works and what doesn’t, explain the data and come up with realistic solutions. That’s how you do what is right for a client.