Digital Strategy Done Right-PART 3 -SERP results for targeted keywords

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Digital Strategy Done Right-PART 3 -SERP results for targeted keywords

This is another follow-up to a client’s digital marketing progression.

(Before I get started I just want to say thanks to all the messages I’ve received regarding this ongoing series. If you have specific questions please feel free to message or comment.

In this Part, we will look at actual SEO results and SERP rankings which is driving greater engagement and lead generation due to better search results. As mentioned previously this is a client that had an online platform website that wasn’t generating the traffic they knew they should be and they were concerned about losing more valuable market share. Previously they had no rankings for their target keywords and very little traffic overall so this was like starting from new, but they did have a company domain name that had been purchased over ten years ago, so it had some value. But the name was to vague for the business and not as memorable so a switch was in order. Still, we kept the previous domain and any of its value and transferred it to the new site.

After working with the client on a redesign, a cleaner, faster, mobile, and desktop design parameters (60% percent of said traffic is desktop) and an architectural strategy the new site was unveiled. We then moved into the digital marketing, SEO/SEM, PPC, Social media, and Content generation strategies to build leads, traffic, and engagement. In Part II we showed how with call tracking we saw a large increase in lead generation through phone and form submissions. But we were only 6-9 months in so full SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) weren’t fully in on how our target keywords were ranking.

These targeted keywords were generated based on the client’s thoughts and an in-depth investigation. Through this, we were able to create about 200 similar keywords. about 100 targeted keywords and about 50 high-value targeted keywords.

So we now have our early results:

About 35 of our high-value and targeted keywords are on page 1 of their respective SERPs, with 25 more on page two and climbing rapidly. Over 70 keywords are on page 3, and 26 remaining keywords are on pages 4 and 5. (Stats based on SEMRush tracking) Due to these results lead generation has seen a 20% increase this time of year over last year even during COVID.

If you know SEMRush you can also see that not only are we ranking well on SERPs but we are also ranking in multiple areas of the SERPs.

As we continue our SEO and content generation strategies we can focus on other high-value and targeted keywords to boost their rankings. While continuing to boost the high-value keywords that have good positioning even higher so they that boost lead generation.

Plus with our PPC campaigns, we have been tracking keywords and search phrases that show high rates of conversions, which will look to add as new high-value keywords and add them to our SEO and content generation strategies. Why pay for PPC if we can rank well SERP wise?

But we won’t stop there, our goal is to not only increase lead generation but also brand awareness, so this means delving into areas out of our scope and looking at keywords that can broaden our spectrum. And who knows, they may also be lead generators that increase ROI…

Part II dealt with actual lead generation

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Part I dealt with rising traffic and initial traffic progression

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A little background, this client is in the healthcare service field for health aides, in a niche market with multiple competing fields.

It took a solid effort from the small but highly efficient team at Phoenix IM, who worked with this company to redo their marketing plan and digital media channels for B2C and B2B. As planned strategies come to fruition, it’s good to look at the data and see everything continue moving in the right direction!

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