Digital Strategy Done Right-PART 2 -Continued Traffic Growth and Rise In Client Contacts (With Google Analytic Pics)

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Digital Strategy Done Right-PART 2 -Continued Traffic Growth and Rise In Client Contacts (With Google Analytic Pics)

I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe during these trying times.

With a little extra time, I thought I would do a follow-up to “SEO Done Right – How Traffic Should Start & Grow.” These Google Analytics (GA) screenshots show traffic progression for the next 4-months from December 2019 to March 2020 of the same client’s online growth and an increase in client contacts resulting in a substantial ROI.

The first screenshot is a continuation of the previous traffic and shows an ongoing, steady build-up.

The goal of driving traffic is working successfully. But while traffic is growing, the building of the client base is also paramount. What’s the point of generating traffic if you are not turning them into clients? Even though the long term goal is to widen the traffic net, the short term goal is to generate business.

After building the necessary platform that drives traffic and creates confidence in the end-user, we also created sell targets, aggressive sell landing pages, focused marketing, referral targeting, and PPC campaigns to grow the client base.

I know what everyone is thinking, you throw a ton of money at PPC, and of course, you will grow traffic, if done right, but from a business sense, is that smart? Truthfully, you don’t need to spend a lot if you laser focus your PPC. With a modest budget, you can reap substantial rewards and also learn valuable insights regarding your potential clients by reviewing “search terms” regularly, negative keywording, and refining your active keywords. Tie that in with an online platform that has a smart design, loads fast, correctly SEO ‘d, and tied to a well thought out marketing plan, and you can reap the benefits of growing traffic AND growing your client base.

The right digital strategy leads to growth both in traffic generation and client contact.

This screenshot shows client contact when we started (88 phone contacts-11 web contacts)

and screenshot (Client Traffic-DEC-MAR.png) shows client contact during the recent 4-month period (843 phone contacts-77 web contacts).

*We use a phone tracking service linked to Google Analytics to track calls.

With the digital strategy moving along exactly as we envisioned, traffic generation rising and client contacts surging, we are in the position to initiate more intensive media strategy campaigns. Especially in regards to social media, social media advertising, email campaigns, newsletter campaigns, referral tie-ins, national digital strategy along with hyper-local grassroots initiatives.

A little background, this client is in the healthcare service field for health aides, in a niche market with multiple competing fields.

It took a solid effort from the small but highly efficient team at Phoenix DS, who worked with this company to redo their marketing plan and digital media channels for B2C and B2B. As planned strategies come to fruition, it’s good to look at the data and see everything continue moving in the right direction!

Phoenix DS is a digital strategy company based in New York, NY area, and utilizes top-tier consultants throughout the world to help companies of all sizes overcome digital marketing problems and pitfalls and succeed in digital media. We don’t just talk, we partner, we team, we grow.

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