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Phoenix IM is a full-service internet marketing agency dedicated to helping companies execute successful internet marketing campaigns through our internet platform solutions. Our unique internet marketing strategies, experience, forward thinking, and dedication are in all our solution platforms!

We don't find problems, we find successful solutions.

Pick Your Success. Modify To Grow.

Our internet marketing solution platforms are built on successful practices born from experience. We continually research the changing internet landscape and stay steps ahead. When the internet shifts, we already have. Our success is built on being proactive, and always staying ahead of the competition to better serve our clients.

Our Solutions

All of our internet marketing solutions have been tested and proven to succeed while offering the best possible platforms for your needs. From our "Target Plan" solution that goes after a focused need, our "Optimal Plan" that builds your firm under one umbrella, to our "Superior Plan" that builds your brand while also hard targeting key categories offering you everything under one platform. We offer the very best opportunities and most forward-thinking options for our clients to build their businesses.

If you are already set up with an internet presence but not seeing the traffic or returns you think you should, contact us today about our Consulting Plans so or experience and knowledge can get you going in the right direction.

If you are a small firm that just needs a web presence, ask about our Small Business Plan. It gets you started at minimal cost.

Our Portfolio

All of our internet marketing solutions have been tested and proven to succeed. For Phoenix IM this isn't guesswork, but a proven strategy refined over time.

Dedicated To Your Success.

Our skills are your advantage. We continually evolve, pushing the envelop so our services are cutting edge.

Our Services

Our services illustrate the varied knowledge of our expert internet marketing team in strategic areas that make our solution platforms a success. From forward-thinking marketing strategies, unique SEO programs, integral content creation strategies, to and exceptionally designed, programmed, and branded websites, and supporting services our services create a unified internet marketing solution that is unparalleled.

Our solution platforms include all of the services listed below.

Ask us how we can help you...

Internet Marketing

Our innovative and forward-thinking internet marketing team can help you move you in the right direction and get your internet needs up to speed so you are not on the side lines, but an active participant in your field and are building your business to succeed...

Full Branding

If your brand doesn't convey confidence and clarity to visitors then redesigning your brand might be a necessity to achieve success.s We can design and build a brand to shift to a more dynamic internet presence. The choice is yours...

Internet Web Sites

Our site designs are an ensured way to position you as an authority on any topic. We build high intensity websites that are fully SEO compliant to help you achieve the results you want but with stunning designs that elevate the brand to unprecedented levels...

Internet Mobile Sites

Our mobile sites are enhanced for mobile platforms carrying over the look and feel of the main site but built to function better on mobile devices. Everything we build into our main sites we carry over into the mobile world and refine it for success on mobile devices...

SEO : Search Engine Optimization

All of the solution platforms we build have SEO necessities that are internally and externally administered. Internally our solution platforms are built for high-end SEO performance. Externally we continually address SEO practices that ensure you rank at the top and are found by clients searching for you and your focused topics...


Our solution platforms have unique programming built-in tailored to create a better SEO environment and offer high speed results while presenting a highly creative design that is beneficial to the end user while offering an upscale appearance...

Content Generation

We have some of the best writers and content generators that continually strive for excellence and offer some of the most informative and in-depth research for specific topics on the web today...

Social Media

Robust social media outlets are a necessity. We push all content generated out through all of our social media channels and cross link content so your message gets out there and you are heard, then bring them back to where it all originates, your solution platform...


One of our main strategies to our solution platforms is back-linking. Not only do we continually generate content that gets picked up by news and blog outlets, we search out like-minded, high value content creators on the web and submit your content and links so you see exceptional added value...

PayPerClick Advertising

We are skilled in PayPerClick advertising and can achieve highly successful results while limiting the high-cost that can happen when you cast a net to wide. Our in-depth knowledge and experience makes sure you aren't wasting dollars chasing poor keywords, but going after high value keywords that see the best ROI...
*Additional fees apply

Social Media Advertising

Need to reach out to more people on social media and build awareness? We offer social media boosting to grow your social channels and bring more awareness to your topics...
*Additional fees apply

Online Videos

Get your message across through online videos. Give people a chance to see what your firm and you are really about or add informative videos that explain visually categories you are targeting...


Since we are regularly requested to redesign full brands we start at the beginning and either modify your existing logo for continuity or update it to represent the brand shift to a more dynamic internet presence...

Print Designs

When we create logos and designs we make them print compatible. So when you see your new designs you can be assured that they can be used for all your branding needs including; business cards, letterhead, brochures, envelopes, etc...

Email Services

With our solution platforms we offer email services so you can receive and respond to clients with your sites branded url that creates professionalism and end user confidence...

High Speed Servers

All sites are housed on our custom set-up high-speed servers and are continually maintained, monitored, and upgraded to the highest standards...

SEO Growth

From back-linking to social media sharing we do a lot of the little things that never get mention. It's this "devil in the details" type of work, planning, and thinking that sets us apart from the rest...

Premium Services

Not only do we build and design all internet infrastructure, we also maintain it and offer additional features for growth...


Need to know how you can improve your situation for the better? We provide consultation on subjects from internet marketing, website design to strategies for content generation, WOM marketing, social media, and building client relationships...

Knowledge. Experience. Dedication.

We are your key to successful internet marketing, SEO, design, content generation, creative and successful.
We don't find problems, we find solutions. We are a team of expert problem solvers, doers, and thinkers!

About Us

Phoenix IM was founded by Robert Laraia, a master of internet marketing, SEO, lead generation, design, professor, and developed internet platforms for JBL, Harman/Kardon, Electrolux, Doubleday, Trek, Nikon,
and the national law firm, Parker Waichman.

Phoenix IM is not any old marketing company. It's not a SEO, SEM, company masquerading as a marketing firm for companies. We are not a company that has done web design now looking to figure out Search Engine Optimization. Phoenix IM is a firm with extensive experience in the internet marketing field having made our bones helping companies achieve great success online. Phoenix IM is made up of people who have been in the marketing field and have learned what works, and what doesn't, to successfully market a company in today's internet and social media areas. In a nut shell, we are a New York based internet marketing company with savvy internet marketers, astute brand managers, award-winning website designers, clever digital marketers, and brilliant developers.

Our Mind Set

We are a team of highly dedicated proactive professionals that love a challenge. We don't shy away from them, we hit them head on. It is this mind set that pushes our clients to success. We don't find problems, we find solutions.

What We Do

Our main focus is helping companies build a large client base to grow their companies through intelligent internet marketing, websites, mini-sites, content generation, SEO, SEM, and Social Media. Our firm has helped numerous companies achieve success on the web and our clientele are those that are ranking well right now in internet searches. Our team is dedicated to delivering a quality service that makes a positive difference to clients. We’ve designed hundreds of award-winning internet designs and internet development projects on budget and on-time for start-ups to fortune 100 companies in almost every industry you can think of.

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